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Members' Websites   (Members, send me an email to have a link to your website added here)

Snowbird Racing

Sailing Organizations

Cruising Club of America

US Sailing

Sail Connecticut


Essex Corinthian Yacht Club

Essex Yacht Club

Frostbite Yacht Club


Milford Yacht Club

North Cove Yacht Club


Stonington Harbor Yacht Club


Class Websites

Etchells Class Association

JY15 Class Association

Soverel 33 Class Association

J/105 Class Association

J/24 Class Association - USA

Melges Class Association - USA

Frers 33

Dolphin 24


Area One Design Fleets

Etchells Fleet 24

JY15 Fleet 90

Melges 24 NE District


Navigation, Weather & Tide Info

MYSound - UCONN LI Sound data buoys.

Northeast Weather Buoys - NOAA buoy data via

Northeast Sector Radar Mosaic - Looping radar view of entire NE (other sectors available).

Celestial Navigation - the best Celestial Navigation resources on the internet.

SailFlow  - Wind & Weather where you sail.

National Weather Service - Upton, NY

NOAA Tides - CT and Long Island - (note to webmaster; must update link each year).

NOAA Currents - Long Island Sound - (note to webmaster; must update link each year).

Cape & Islands Charts, Current Tables, Waypoints 

East Coast Marine Forecasts

Westbrook Tide Calendar - from Google

Marine Safety Information - National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

USCG Local Notice to Mariners

National Hurricane Center - Track vessels in LIS (& the world) with AIS. - Present & forecasted wind in the NE.

Online Charts (NOAA)



General Interest

Boating Safety - Good safety info from a Florida yacht brokerage (Link suggested by an 8 year old girl).

Working the Sails - A comprehensive source of information on the sailing dinghy, yachts and the sport of sailing.

How To Boat Projects - Great DIY site w photos from Maine Sailing.

Kattack Race Analysis - Reviews races using GPS tracking for post-race analysis.

Sail World -  An excellent online magazine with World Cruising news stories and links to Racing and Powerboat news.

My Home Harbor - Sailing community, sailing news, post your cruising & racing stories, forums, etc.

North U - Cruising & Racing Seminars

Translate Text into Signal Flags

The Sailing Source

International Burgee Registry

UK-Halsey Sails Rules Quiz - animated race course incidents to test your rules knowledge.

UK-Halsey Leaning Center - sail trim, safety at sea videos and other good stuff

Points East Magazine  (Maine & NE Sailing)

WindCheck Magazine  (Long Island Sound & NE Sailing)


Sailing Anarchy

BYM News & Magazine - Sailing news, videos & photos.

Sailors For the Sea - Protect & restore oceans & coastal waters.

Saybrook Sail & Power Squadron - check Events Calendar and/or Classes for seminars open to the public.


Videos  (Best for Cable & DSL users. Turn on the sound)

Rough Weather Sailing - BT Global Challenge 2000 (these guys are nuts!!). - Videos of sailboat racing and sailing regattas; requires registration (a painless  process), but it's worth it.

Dinghy Thrills & Spills - Dinghy racing on the edge.

Awesome Video  - Speed sailing

Boarding Techniques - Humor

Mumm 30s Planning - this, plus hundreds of other videos available on YouTube.



Fast Ferry Information - from the Long Island Sound Fast Ferry Task Force.

Brewer Pilots Point Marina

Pine Island Marina

Kappa Sails

Connecticut Home Mortgage

Essex Adventures - Sailing and Adventure Photography in Southeastern Connecticut. 

Welcome Aboard NSS PATTAM - Caribbean Charters (Mat Bockh)