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2024 Race Schedule

Updated 4/4/24



2024 Events Detail

Updated 4/4/24

Registrations, NOR, entry info, SI, Scratch Sheets & Results (when available)


2024 PHRF Certificates & Information


2024 Dry Storage Contract


2024 DIYC PHRF Certificates


Race Committee Volunteering

Please email diyc.race at gmail dot com  with dates you can help out.



*Members Winter Storage Contract*

11/1/23 to 4/30/24


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2019 ECSA Thundermug Regatta

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Race Committee Volunteering

Please email diyc.race at gmail dot com with dates you can help out.


***Race News***



4/6/24 -The 2024 ECSA Membership/PHRF Certificate system is ready and the 2024 ECSA Schedule is posted.

There are new regulations for 2024. A few key changes of note include:

·       Shorthanded boats will use their Non-spinnaker class handicap. (Continuing from last year, all SH Racing results will be recorded in the SH Division 9 scores; in order to compete for ECSA points in the SH division, you must select this division at the start of the season.)

·       The definition and guidelines for One Design rated boats have been updated

·       To qualify for bonus points Distance Races shall be at least 25 miles.

·       PHRF of Eastern Connecticut has been selected to rate Eastern Long Island Yachting Association (ELIYA) boats.

·       Although not new this year, remember ECSA members can apply for Recreational Credits for Dacron or similar cruising sails, furlers, etc.

Before registering, please review the PHRF Council’s 2024 What’s New Letter and read the 2024 ECSA PHRF Regulations for specifics. There are also changes to the Offshore Regulations – it is important that BOTH event organizers and competitors review them.

4/6/24 - 1. The ECSA and DIYC websites are ready to go to obtain your ECSA PHRF Certificate. See 2024 ECSA Notice above for links to 2024 ECSA Info.  Click on 2024 PHRF Certificates & Information in left column for DIYC certificates.

 - 2.  In addition ECSA has announced a change to the new DH (doubled handed non-spinnaker) Division . Boats that want to be scored in the DH division race with their non-spinnaker rating.  There is no longer a DH rating. Three years ago Recreational Credits were announced for those with Dacron or similar woven polyester cruising sails on roller furlers to encourage cruising sailors to try their hand at racing. 


Soon - The 2024 Dry Storage contract will soon be posted. See link in the left column.


2/28/24 - Preliminary Race Schedule and calendar have been updated for 2024.

Club Racing kicks off with the Wednesday Night Series on May 8, followed by the the Shirley Hall Series on May 14, and Thursday OD Series on June 20.

These events will be on Yachtscoring.





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See the 2019 WindCheck Article  regarding DIYC Racers winning the Essex Rum Club Challenge Trophy .

Check out the Crew Board if your are looking to crew or you need crew. 

One Design Racing

DIYC encourages the formation of one design classes. Gather 5 boats and start a class.

Special Events

In 2024



ECSA Spring Regatta

  Saturday, June 1



2023 Bill's Cup

Wednesday, Sept. 11



ECSA Bonus Point Daylight Distance Race

 Saturday, September 28



ECSA Thundermug Regatta

Saturday, October 19



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2019 JY15 NAs Report - Won by James & Mark McCarthy


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