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  Post Office Box 593, Westbrook, CT 06498

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Fall 2017 - We will be clearing out the remaining Ship Store items, so come on by during our events for some great deals on DIYC gear!  As a reminder, we have teamed up with Team One Newport, who is hosting our new Club Store.  If you haven't checked it out already, browse the on-line store by clicking on link above.

The Duck Island Yacht Club's Ships Store carried custom items to wear with pride and keep you looking your yachting best.  These items made wonderful gifts for family, friends and crew. The club maintained a minimum inventory and there are still items in stock as the old store is phased out..

Email Publicity Director for remaining inventory and prices.


 Polo Shirts





Leather Belt 







D Ring Belt






Heavy Grocery Tote













 Key Rings

Shackle $10.00



  Webbing $5.00


Light Grocery Tote







Cook Book







 Opener Key Ring



  2 for $1.00


Medium Tote

(Heavier Material)






                   Sailing Hat










DIYC Patch








    Canvas Bag


  Dog Collar



Canvas Mesh Hat






   Straw Hat





 DIYC Napkins




          $5/pk or $8/2pks