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Wolverine's Crew 3rd at U.S. Offshore Championships














U.S. Offshore Championship

for the Lloyd Phoenix Trophy

Columbia Yacht Club

Chicago, Ill

Organizing Authority: US SAILING

September 26-28, 2008

Congratulations to Dave and Kathy Nauber, Bruce Lawrence, Tom Carse, Matthew Konrad, and Don Melillo, who participated as our regions team in the U.S. Offshore Championship in Chicago sailing on Tartan T-10 sloops.  Out of seven teams they placed third.  There were three days of racing, each day in a different boat selected by lottery.  Please see US Sailing webpage U.S. Offshore Championships  which contains links to the NOR, Results, Photo Gallery, Daily Updates and other information. 

Permission was obtained from the photographer, Bill Hanyzewski to link to some of his photos showing the Wolverine crew in action from our site.

Here's the emails received from Kathy and Dave which describe the event.

We had fun in Chicago. We were on three different boats. Each crew picked numbers to see which boat they would be on. No one could be on the same boat twice. The photographers website is Under each date are pictures taken that day. There was a lot more wind on Sunday. On Friday and Sunday there are more up close pictures. Saturday was the distance race.

Friday - Boat 9 Albion - 50258

Saturday - Boat 1 Skidmarks - 40900

Sunday - Boat 6 Hyperion - 30750

The crew that won came from that club and they are T-10 sailors and are considered the best in the area. In fact one other crew from Detroit were also T-10 sailors. We actually placed higher than them overall so we felt good about that. Even though it is supposed to be a level playing field the boats had some differences in sail age etc.... It was quite an experience and we met a lot of great people.


We actually raced on a different boat each day. Albion (white), Skid Marks (flag blue) and Hyperion (flag blue). The photo in the first email is Hyperion from day 3. I am expecting some video from day 1 aboard Albion to be posted on this week. Type in “Albion T-10 sailboat” in the search criteria and you’ll see a selection of videos from the boat.

The winners of the event were the local Tartan Ten champions and the second place team was last year’s winner ( San Diego ), so we had our hands full.

I am really proud of our crew and am pleased to have managed to place in this event.

Let me know if you need anything else and thanks for the coverage. It’s nice.