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2023 Notable Performances (Non-DIYC Events)







Spring Off Soundings*




Spring Off Soundings*



Bright Side

Spring Off Soundings*




BIRW 2023



Snow Bird

BIRW 2023

4th (of 16)

Perf. Cruising 3 Spin - Pursuit


ECSA Circuit - Class C & AB spin to 134


Division 1

Bright Side ECSA Circuit - Class HP spin to 109 3rd Division 3
Maverick ECSA Circuit - Class SB spin sport boats 3rd Division 6
Badger ECSA Circuit - Class NS to 170 2nd Division 7

ECSA Circuit - Class NS 171 and up


Division 8

Prism ECSA Circuit - Class NS 171 and up 3rd Division 8

Legend  * The only 2023 Off Sounding Race was the Spring Saturday around BI

End of Season Awards Presentation

Congratulations to these 2023 Award Winners! 


In addition DIYC was presented with the 2023 ECSA Stu Silvestri Award for Best Race Management notably for the Daylight Distance Race.


Wednesday Night Overall Trophies


Highest ranking member yacht in the Wednesday Night Series in each class.


Floyd Memorial Trophy (Class One - Non Spinnaker)

Prism - Joel Mangini

Ballou Memorial Trophy (Class Two - Spinnaker)

Wolverine - Dave Nauber

Fred Winslow Trophy (Class Three - Spinnaker)

XLR8 - Brad Porter

Memorial Commodore Trophy (Class Four - Spinnaker)

Not Awarded - No Class Four

Fagan Memorial Trophy

Not Awarded - Fagan Memorial Regatta not scheduled

Highest ranking member yacht in the Fagan Memorial Regatta.


Shirley Hall Trophy

Wolverine - Kathy Nauber

Highest ranking member yacht with a 50% women crew and a women at the helm in the Hall Series.


Don Later Trophy

#1100 - Christopher Morano

Highest ranking member Etchells in Spring & Summer Etchells Series.


Sturgis Redfield Distance Trophy

 Fusion - Mark Salerno

Highest ranking member yacht in the ECSA Daylight Distance  Race.

Paul McLaughlin Memorial Trophy

Fusion - Mark Salerno

Highest ranking member yacht in the ECSA Spring Regatta.

Thundermug Trophy 

Slainte - Mark McCarthy

Highest ranking member yacht in the ECSA Thundermug Regatta.

Patrick Hayes Memorial One Design Trophy

#1979 - John Amendola

Highest ranking  JY15 in the Thursday Night One Design Series.

Dr. Merrill C. Hills Award

 Norb Church and Dick Saunders

Given to the member who has, in the opinion of the Board of Governors, made the most significant contribution to the sport of sailing.



Commodore's Trophy

Anne Edgley

Given for outstanding assistance and support to the Commodore during the year.


Donald Dyson Corinthian Award  

Joel and crew, Jessi and Jason - Prism

Given to the Racing Skipper who exemplifies the Corinthian Spirit on the racecourse.



Bob and Roz Weinstein Cruising Award

Roger and Sheridan Bauman - Rhapsody

The 2020 officer group has created this annual award to honor the significant contributions of Bob and Roz to the cruising life of DIYC and is looking forward to a post Covid world in hopes many of our members will follow the great example they have set for us all.


Golden Duck Award - Port

T. J. Buckley - JY15 #2065

Golden Duck Awards are given to the members who have made the most significant contribution to the entertainment of their fellow yachtsman through displays of unique seamanship, agility in small boats, or other graces.

Gave new meaning to the term "crash tack" while sailing out of the channel to the race area.  

Golden Duck Award - Starboard

Dave Nauber - Wolverine


A broken motor mount and subsequent prop seal leak lead to a panic return to PPM to get hauled when they had just set out for the Labor Day Cruise.