Wednesday Night Summer Series Race 1 - June 27, 2012

Photos by Dick Saunders

dscf1966_small.jpg dscf1892_small.jpg dscf1893_small.jpg dscf1894_small.jpg dscf1895_small.jpg
dscf1896_small.jpg dscf1897_small.jpg dscf1898_small.jpg dscf1899_small.jpg dscf1901_small.jpg
dscf1902_small.jpg dscf1903_small.jpg dscf1904_small.jpg dscf1905_small.jpg dscf1906_small.jpg
dscf1911_small.jpg dscf1912_small.jpg dscf1913_small.jpg dscf1914_small.jpg dscf1918_small.jpg
dscf1922_small.jpg dscf1923_small.jpg dscf1925_small.jpg dscf1927_small.jpg dscf1928_small.jpg
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