Thursday Night OD Summer Series Race 3 - July 12, 2012

 JY15 & Etchells - Photos by Tom Lee

dsc_4019a_small.jpg dsc_4022a_small.jpg dsc_4030a_small.jpg dsc_4032a_small.jpg dsc_4038aportrait_small.jpg
dsc_4041a_small.jpg dsc_4043a_small.jpg dsc_4055a_small.jpg dsc_4068a_small.jpg dsc_4077a_small.jpg
dsc_4081a_small.jpg dsc_4086a_small.jpg dsc_4091a_small.jpg dsc_4103a_small.jpg dsc_4112a_small.jpg
dsc_4113a_small.jpg dsc_4114a_small.jpg dsc_4116a_small.jpg dsc_4126a_small.jpg dsc_4127aportrait_small.jpg
dsc_4130a_small.jpg dsc_4133a_small.jpg dsc_4136a_small.jpg dsc_4147aportrait_small.jpg dsc_4148aportrait_small.jpg
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