North Cove Yacht Club ECSA Leukemia Cup - August 25, 2012

Photos by Dick Saunders - DIYC

dscf2049a_small.jpg dscf2050a_small.jpg dscf2051a_small.jpg dscf2052a_small.jpg dscf2053a_small.jpg
dscf2054a_small.jpg dscf2058a_small.jpg dscf2060a_small.jpg dscf2061a_small.jpg dscf2062a_small.jpg
dscf2065a_small.jpg dscf2067a_small.jpg dscf2068a_small.jpg dscf2070a_small.jpg dscf2071a_small.jpg
dscf2075a_small.jpg dscf2078a_small.jpg dscf2080a_small.jpg dscf2082a_small.jpg dscf2084a_small.jpg
dscf2085a_small.jpg dscf2087a_small.jpg dscf2092a_small.jpg dscf2094a_small.jpg dscf2095a_small.jpg
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