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Special Notices & Comments from Club Officers & Board of Governors

  POSTED 4/26/23

Hello Duckies,

This Saturday April 29th at 9am is our annual club and condo work party to open the club and ready the fleet of race committee boats.  The condo work party will remove the hoses for the winter bubbler system and turn on water to the docks.

Many hands will make for a short work party. The heavy deck furniture has already been moved outside. We need to uncover our chase boat, clean the boats and reinstall the electronics. We will also load up into a trailer the old bathroom fixtures sitting outside as well as breaking up the old wooden ramp.

Brendan Coyne
Director of Publicity, DIYC.

  POSTED 4/13/23

Hello Duckies,

Thank you to all who came two weeks ago for the first take on improving the interior of the clubhouse. We are back at it again this weekend and can use some extra hands. April 15th 9 am start, and 16th 11 am start.

Saturday will focus on getting the interior done as much as we can, and start on the exterior if we have time. Sunday will focus on exterior and moving furniture back in the main room.

If anyone has a power washer we would appreciate it if they would bring it so we can give the exterior a good wash down.



POSTED 3/27/23

We are saddened to announce that Robin Konrad's dad has passed away suddenly.  Robin and her husband Matt are very active members of DIYC.  Robin's dad Gerald "Jerry" Paul Burkhardt passed last Wednesday.  Robin and Matt please know we are all thinking of you and your extended family.

 Below is the link for more information. 

Jerry Burkhardt Obituary (1937 - 2023) - Legacy Remembers

 The DIYC Officer Group

Mark, Ruth, Peter, Anne, Brian, Lauren, Jen, Roger, Logan and Brendan

  POSTED 3/23/23


Hello, Duckies:


Spring is here! Only a few weeks left until DIYC comes out of hibernation!


Springtime also means that we need to help our clubhouse and grounds shake off the remnants of their winter snooze.

As mentioned last year, we want to give the clubhouse a bit of a facelift.

We are scheduling TWO work weekends, one on April 1st/2nd and one on April 15th/16th to do so.


Renovation supplies: 

We are trying to keep this make-over low-cost as other maintenance/repair items have come up that have become priorities for club spending.

I will donate two gallons of flat interior paint, will provide color and brand details in a separate email if someone else wants to donate paint, which would be very appreciated.

Please consider bringing/donating brushes, paint rollers, paint, drop cloths, sand paper, etc. and cleaning supplies.


April 1st 

Reminder: Turn on water!

Remove outdoor furniture from the clubhouse, move indoor furniture to the middle of the room.

Wash walls, and tape corners/edges for painting.

Deep-clean/degrease kitchen, determine whether cabinet doors can be painted, if so, degrease and sand cabinets and doors.

Remove valances for cleaning.

Check heads for needed repairs.


Need: Help move furniture; bring cleaning supplies (detergents, gloves, brushes, sponges, paper towels); painterís tape, drop cloths, sand paper and hand sanders


April 2nd

Begin painting walls.

Begin painting kitchen cabinet doors (if applicable).


Need: Paint rollers, brushes, paint, etc. 


April 15th

Repair French Doors

Second coat of paint

Continue work on heads (if applicable)


April 16th

Move indoor furniture back into place

Rehang valances

Hang artwork

Clean floors

Clean carpet (we will need to call for professional steam cleaning after all interior work has been done)

Oil/restain outdoor furniture

If time allows, power-wash exterior of clubhouse (may also be scheduled on a separate day)


Please consider helping out, many hands will make this a lot easier!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (914) 316-5811 or email


Thank you in advance for your help and HAPPY SPRING!


Ruth Emblin

Vice Commodore

  POSTED 3/2/23


Dear DIYC Member,

We are sad to share that past DIYC Commodore and long time member John Reilly III has passed. He and his lovely wife, Linda, were long time club members through 2012. They cruised extensively and wintered their Catalina 42, Shenanigans, at the Riverside Basin Marina in Clinton. Please see this link,
John Reilly Obituary.


Mark McCarthy

Commodore - DIYC

  POSTED 2/2/23

Hello Duckies,

A reminder that DIYC is an MVP Club with US Sailing. This status allows DIYC members to join or renew US Sailing membership at discounted rates as well as receiving a 25% discounts on purchases at US Sailing online store. And for every Duck that signs up the club earns points which can be used for the Club to purchase items from US Sailing such as Educational Books for the club library, Race Committee Gear and Training Material, including seminars. See the attached letter from your Commodore. There is a link to sign up or renew in Mark's letter as well as on our club site. Anyone with questions can reach out to me directly. It's a good day to be a duck!  More Info: DIYC MVP Program



Brendan Coyne

Director of Publicity, DIYC

  POSTED 2/1/23

Friends of Duck Island Yacht Club

The Officers of DIYC are continuing the "Friends of Duck Island" emailing list. We don't want your crew or any other friends to be in the dark on some of the fun happenings at DIYC. This new emailing list will keep them informed about our biggest events happening through the season.

We are asking members to ask their friends, and skippers to ask their crew if we may have their emails to add to the "Friends" list. The list will be used to inform "Friends" about DIYC events only, hence there will be only a few emails per year. The email addresses will not be used for any other purpose than the Friends of Duck Island list. One can unsubscribe at any time. You can send the email addresses of interested crew or other friends, or they can send the request themselves, to  Any interested party can sign up. You don't have to wait for an invitation from your skipper or a club member.

Brendan Coyne
DIYC Director of Publicity