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Special Notices & Comments from Club Officers & Board of Governors

  POSTED 8/1/19

Hello Duckies,
The cask
Club Challenge Trophy will be making it's way to the Deck this Friday. Come celebrate with us! Captains invite your crew. All members, friends of DIYC and guests are welcome!  Raft-Up & TGIF Schedule

Brendan Coyne

Director of Publicity, DIYC

  POSTED 7/17/19

Hello Duckies,

1. This Friday is our first club Raft Up in home waters.  If you have a boat drive it, sail it, paddle it or call Sea Tow and get it to the Party.  For those without a float, the club Steward Ben Weinstein will be at the wheel of Little Duck to shuttle folks to the Raft Up.  If you arrive at the club and Little Duck is not docked by the crane just call Ben on his cell and he will swing in to pick you up.  A notice will be posted on the club house front door with Ben's number.  Bring an App to share and BYOB.  Full notice of event can be found in The Main Sheet Newsletter which you received on Monday. See Raft-Up & TGIF Schedule.
2. Bill Gunther from Essex Yacht Club stopped by the club to personally invite the club to participate in The Rum Challenge taking place July 27th.  There is a new twist this year, any club that enters three boats will be competing to win the Club Challenge Trophy.  It is nothing like those other trophies you all have sitting on the shelf.  The beautiful 5 liter wooden cask of Black Seal Rum will be awarded to the club with the best performance of its top 3 boats.  Clean your bottom and pull out your best sails!  We can do this!   

Rum Challenge NOR    Club Challenge Trophy   Yachtscoring


Brendan Coyne

Director of Publicity, DIYC.

  POSTED 4/29/19


Connecticut River Leukemia Cup! Next weekend - May 4th-May 5th
Several Duckies are participating in the regatta! You do not need to race to attend the fabulous party.
Here is the link (click on image) to the event for registration, party tickets and donations:


DIYC Officers


POSTED 4/25/19

DIYC Club Spring Work Party - April 27, 2019  9AM -12PM 

The first official event of the new season is the club cleanup on Saturday April 27 from 9 AM - 12 PM. Please bring cleaning supplies and/or basic tools. The club is also always happy to accept donations of paper supplies like paper towels and toilet paper. 

The more that show up the faster it goes and there's enough to do for everybody to get the club, committee boats and grounds ready for the season.  So hope to see you there!!

Tasks include but not limited to:
Work with Fleet Captain Roger Bauman on chase boats
Rake Duck Stop knoll and police the grounds
Move outdoor furniture to the deck
Turn on water…check for leaks
Hook up clean fridge, check water heater
Vacuum clubhouse
Wipe down kitchen and clean heads
Clean windows


Your DIYC Officers and BOG.


POSTED 2/4/19


Dear Fellow Duckies and Friends,

Please join us for the 2019 DIYC Winter Party on March 2nd at the Nauber's home. See Winter Social at the Naubers for the details. Please feel free to invite any crew or potential new members. Looking forward to seeing everyone and hearing about winter vacations and upcoming summer plans.


 Kathy Nauber 

  POSTED 2/1/19

Friends of Duck Island Yacht Club

The Officers of DIYC are continuing the "Friends of Duck Island" emailing list. We don't want your crew or any other friends to be in the dark on some of the fun happenings at DIYC. This new emailing list will keep them informed about our biggest events happening through the season.

We are asking members to ask their friends, and skippers to ask their crew if we may have their emails to add to the "Friends" list. The list will be used to inform "Friends" about DIYC events only, hence there will be only a few emails per year. The email addresses will not be used for any other purpose than the Friends of Duck Island list. One can unsubscribe at any time. You can send the email addresses of interested crew or other friends, or they can send the request themselves, to  Any interested party can sign up. You don't have to wait for an invitation from your skipper or a club member.

Teresa Donahue
DIYC Director of Publicity