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Cruise Reports - 2012


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Posted 9/21/12 - 1400

Fall Cruise to Essex

September 15-15, 2012


September 15 - 16 was the DIYC Essex Cruise, lead by Brian and Lauren Weinstein.

Only two boats, Euphoria and Brian and Lauren's yet un-named boat, convened at Knot Island, but a nice weekend ensued.  A tour of the Connecticut River Museum, a glass of wine at the Griswold Inn, and a leisurely stroll down the Main Street of Essex took up the afternoon of Saturday.

The weather was perfect, and the Skinners joined the Weinsteins for a enjoyable Sunset Observation.

Sunday was another beautiful day for the return to Home Port.

~~~ /) ~~~

Al Skinner

  Posted 9/13/12 - 0930

Labor Day Weekend Cruise to Mystic

September 1-3, 2012


Cruise Report - Duck Island Yacht Club
Cruise Director - Dick and Elaine Tilton
Location Mystic Seaport Mystic CT
Dates Labor Day Weekend Sept 1-3 2012

Six boats from DIYC arrived in Mystic Seaport Friday Aug 31 and Saturday Sept 1. Included were the following DIYC members:

The weather was spectacular and the trips to Mystic uneventful.

Social activities included a cocktail party on Just Desserts Saturday evening, a brunch at Latitudes Sunday AM and a walk to Mystic Pizza Sunday evening. All boats departed Monday AM.

Throughout the weekend we welcomed old friends and relatives of DIYC members.


Posted 8/16/12 - 1730


The Annual Summer Cruise

July 28 - August 12, 2012



The cruise began with lady Elaine, Euphoria, and Shenanigans at Watch Hill where the waves were high, and a late afternoon thunderstorm washed the boats, but gave us a beautiful rainbow.


The next day we traveled to Wickford, where we met Til, Just Desserts, Ceilidh, Synergy, and Peace and Quiet. During a rainstorm we laughed as we celebrated 'Italian night' with costumes, Italian food, and drink.


At East Greenwich we shared a quaint beachfront, and met at the EG Yacht Club grille night, and celebrated Bill Littel's birthday!


At Ida Lewis YC in Newport we were joined by Wolverine and a cameo appearance with Ginger Snap! Irish Night brought more costumes and Irish jokes. 'Til hosted and treated us to a booming cannon and taps by Bob at sunset that rivaled NYYC!


The cruisers started for Cutty, but Plan B was implemented after engine trouble kept our Corinthian leaders rallying to the aid of our fellow ducks. Plan B took four boats racing up the Narragansett to Potter's Cove, Prudence Island. CPR was given to the troubled boat, and we raced the next day to Dutch Harbor, Jamestown. The military transport planes buzzed our masts and provided a sunset show.


The final stop of the cruise took us to Block Island and a reunion with the three power boats, and a meeting with Kittyhawk. Cocktails were enjoyed aboard Ceilidh, as many boats decided to head home early due to thunderstorm threats. Shenanigans stayed at Block, and enjoyed a beautiful ride home on Sunday.


Many thanks to the 11 member boats who attended and made this Cruise a success.


Respectfully submitted,

John and Linda (Shenanigans)

  Posted 9/22/12 - 1230 (late post, but inserted here)

Three Mile Harbor Kids Cruise

July 21-22, 2012


Cruise report for the Three Mile Harbor " Kids Cruise" 2012

July 21 found the winds fair and the weather Spectacular.

There were twelve DIYC boats in the Harbor, and eight joined the Cruise Party.

There were five sailing dingies available for all "kids" to sail, and they were utilized almost all day. Volleyball was set up and a small contingent of youth attempted to keep the ball in the air without it getting blown away. In the evening a beach cook out was held. Plenty of food for all, and the finale was S'mores, which all devoured with fervor. The fireworks display was splendid, and seemed to go on for ever.

Sunday morning was another beautiful day and as the day progressed, the boats made their way out for the return trip.

~~~ /) ~~~

Al Skinner


Posted 7/14/12 - 0030

Cruise to New London

For Unbelievable Fireworks

July 6-8, 2012

Four DIYC boats made their way to New London for the Fireworks. Three had reserved moorings... Next year please try to remember if you want a mooring you need to reserve and pay for it on May 1.

On Friday the Duckies who were there went to the fair and had dinner and walked around on a lovely night. Saturday dawned early with a lot of sunshine. It became a very hot day so most Duckies stayed on their boat. Just Desserts anchored off the beach at the Harbor mouth and we went swimming for awhile waiting for the parade to start. It was more than two hours late we heard that was because Eagle fouled their anchor. I guess it can happen to the best of us. When Eagle finally entered the harbor she was under full sail and moving quickly up the Thames. See photo we took of Eagle [below].

All the DIYC boats entertained guests for the fireworks and the unanimous decision was these were the best fireworks ever. All who did not go, you missed something special. The people who took the Shoreline East paid $4 and the trains ran on time and were comfortable. How can you beat that? Hope to see you there next year.

Joan and Joel