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Slip number 25 at the Duck Island Yacht club, located at the north end of the club is for rent. It has its own gangway and finger which it shares with the adjacent slip. On the other side there is direct access to the main dock which runs the entire length of the club. The pilings are 15 feet center to center, but I do not know the exact depth of the slip. Viewing from the parking lot slip #24 on the right has a depth of over 6 1/2 feet except at the very low tides once a month. Slip #26 on the left has about 7 1/2 feet at low tide. The boat that was in slip 25 was 50 x 14 so the slip will hold a good sized sailboat with a beam slightly more than 14 feet.  Call or text Joel Marcus at 203-494-4962 or email me at