2024 Cruise Schedule

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Cruise Schedule as of 04/18/24

Cruising Event



Cruise Leaders (Gray font are last year's)

Memorial Day Cruise

Hamburg Cove, CT

May 24-27

Bob & Roz Weinstein

July 4th Block Island Celebration

Block Island, RI 

July 1-4  (Fireworks are 7/1)

Not a club cruise

Three Mile Harbor Cruise & Fireworks

East Hampton, NY

July 12-14  (Fireworks are 7/13)

Lauren Weinstein

Labor Day Weekend

Mystic, CT

Aug. 31 - Sept. 2

Robin Konrad

Labor Day Weekend

Block Island, RI

Aug. 31 - Sept. 2

Lauren Weinstein 

Columbus Day Weekend

Hamburg Cove

October 12-14

Not a club cruise

       Events in gray font are not confirmed or are not club cruises but are interesting venues to consider.


Please notify the Cruise Leaders of any cruise in which you plan to participate.

Legend:  TBD = To Be Determined & Need Cruise Leader volunteers for the vacant slots. 

Gray Font signifies Events form last year that may or may not occur this year on the 2022 dates depicted. Stay tuned!


Cruise Leader names in gray font were last year's leaders. If they agree to be leaders this year I will change the font to blue. 

In the schedule you'll notice several  "TBDs" for Cruise Leaders.  Many cruisers in the past have stepped up to lead their favorite cruises.  If you wish to do so please contact Rear Commodore Cruise, at  cruise.chairman@diyc.com .


***Keep checking the Cruise Notice Board and the DIYC Cruising on Facebook page for the latest info. Our Rear Commodore Cruise would like the Duckie cruisers to use the Facebook Cruising page as the go to vehicle for coordinating the season's cruises.***.